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Participated more then 100,000 soldiers
             More then 1000 Shabbton

The soldiers experience a Shabbat that begins Friday morning with a warm welcome at our campus that is followed with 2 lecturers that that engages their minds to prepares them for an unforgettable Shabbat that includes:Tunnel tours, Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel, 3 delicious meals with singing discussions. Comfortable sleeping accommodations and a Shabbat day with lectures from top speakers in one of the best neighbourhoods in Jerusalem

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What Soldiers Say


Tal , Medic 

I will remember this Shabbat all my life !

It gave my  tremendous  strength for the futre.

I found answers to all my questions.

Barack, Air force 

The best Shabbat experience in my life!

This shabbat made me understand who I am and 

what I'm fighting for

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Ziv , infintry

I was able to connect  to Judaism  like never before .

The Shabbat made me understand what is my mission in the army and my mission in life



Participated more then 200,000 soldiers                 More then 3000 Seminars 

The soldiers have a safe place to discover them selves and their heritage. They are given tools to learn how to deal with their high pressure lives as soldiers and for when they are released. They learn to appreciate and understand why it is important to defend our country and people. They are taught true Jewish values that give them the courage to live up to their potential.

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