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About Us

Darchei Avot (“The way of our ancestors”) was established in 1983 as a  nonprofit organization. Darchei Avot endeavors to instill soldiers with pride in the land of Israel and their Jewish Identity, empower teens and soldiers from "at risk" backgrounds and bridge gaps between diverse groups within Israeli society. 


Darchei Avot provides IDF soldiers with spiritual enrichment through innovative programs that promote Jewish identity, heritage and values.


Darchei Avot hosts IDF units of up to 200 soldiers for a Shabbat weekend retreat every week, which includes services and dancing at the Kotel, educational programs and, of course, delicious food. Darchei Avot also offers weekday programs in Jerusalem and hosts classes on over 40 army bases around the country.


The continuing mission of Darchei Avot is to help Israeli soldiers understand the importance of what they are fighting for. The organization brings Jewish education to groups of young people who have often never had the opportunity to experience any form of Judaism. Darchei Avot endeavors to inspire soldiers with a love for their Jewish heritage, the land of Israel and the Jewish people.


Helping Teens at Risk


In Israel, thousands of youths are considered "at-risk".

These issues are often ignored, and a significant number of Jewish adolescents eventually drop out of school, get into trouble with the law, or leave home at a young age. A high percentage of these youths are not accepted into the Israeli army due to their problematic behavior, and they are therefore left without means for additional education or successful future employment.


Darchei Avot recognizes the critical nature of this problem and how crucial it is to provide support to adolescents in need particularly at this time of their lives, as the decisions they make now will set their paths for the future.


With stamps of approval from the IDF and the Ministry of Education, Darchei Avot’s methods of delivering Jewish education have been a huge success. Soldiers request to come back to Darchei Avot again and again. Darchei Avot is a 501(c)3 organization.

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