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It is a known fact that Israeli soldiers put their lives on the line every single day to defend the State of Israel as the rightful home of the Jewish people. Yet, it is less acknowledged that the tremendous sacrifices soldiers are forced to make in highly volatile situations can raise deep existential questions - ones that must not go unanswered if the soldiers are to succeed in their mission.

Darchei Avot, an organization whose people all have deep roots in military service recognizes the deep levels of fortitude and resilience these young men and women desperately need to meet the unique challenges they continually face – because they, the mentors, have been there themselves.

It is for that reason that for the past 4 decades Darchei avot has been by the side of tens of thousands of soldiers a year. They know how critical it is  to empower, educate and embrace soldiers by providing support, encouragement and insight at a time when it is needed most.

Darchei Avot is a unique, one of a kind organization that provides hands-on educational experiences that instill in soldiers a strong sense of pride in the land of Israel while exploring their collective Jewish identity - and what that means in terms of integrity and commitment in everyday army service.

Via thought provoking and vibrant 1, 2 and 3 day sessions and weekends, soldiers from all ranks and military branches, as well as pre-army students, lone soldiers and at risk individuals join together to become forever part of one big Darchei Avot family.

In the hands and hearts of seasoned personnel who care deeply about their welfare, participants in the Darchei Avot programs are imbued with renewed energy and purpose needed for the daunting tasks ahead.

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The soldiers experience a Shabbat that begins Friday morning with a warm welcome at our campus that is followed with 2 lecturers that that engages their minds to prepares them for an unforgettable Shabbat that includes:
Tunnel tours 
Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel 
3 delicious meals with singing and discussions
Comfortable sleeping accommodations and a Shabbat day with lectures from top speakers in one of the best neighbourhoods in Jerusalem


The soldiers have a safe place to discover them selves and their heritage. They are given tools to learn how to deal with their high pressure lives as soldiers and for when they are released. 
They learn to appreciate and understand why it is important to defend our country and people. 
They are taught true Jewish values that give them the courage to live up to their potential.

Touch Base

A unique program that has the trust of high rank officers. Our staff travel every day all over Israel to touch base with our soldiers.

They receive one to one attention and classes that gives them support, guidance and tools for life.

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